FCE Beresford, South Dakota

  The start. The tunnel and conveyor. Starting
the framework for the dump pit. The walls.  
    Jack taking a nap.  
Pit tunnel decking for concrete. Lots of welding to seal it tight. Trunking.
Getting ready for grating. Bar grating. Color coding the tower parts. Putting it together.
1st 20' of tower. Standing it up. Adding stair platforms. Setting it on the base.
2 sections up. Adding handrails. Concrete poured. Decking on.
Trunking ready. 1 section to go. The conveyor.  
Welding the decking.   Stacking the leg.
Flying the head section platform. The drum. Cupping the belt.
Pulling the belt. Rigging the bridge. Flying the
bridge.   Landing the bridge.
Tim and Marc. The conveyor under the bin. Building and setting
the tank structure. The tank arrives. Setting the tank
on the structure. Taking grain.