Western Iowa Co-op, Blencoe, IA

  The Beginning      
      Pit reclaim conveyor
  First framework for the receiving pit Sheeting and
Completed sheeting   I-Beam supports
for bar grating. Pre-tower assembly
in 20' sections put together
on the ground. Ready to mount. Trunking
Conveyor Setting the first section of tower. Attaching stair platforms. Tim
Safety Training Setting another section
of tower.   Welding on the grate.
Bar grating. Tower and trunking. More welding.
Fabricating and welding the reclaim pit.
Adding the stairs. Jack on the job! Tunnel ready for concrete. Sheeting on the deck.
Tower going up. Changing the landscape. More tower. Head section platform.
  Platform going up    
165' tower head section Cupping the belt Pulling the belt Flying the distributor
    Overflow spout Over-head tank structure
Setting the structure upright      
The structure set in place. The tank on the truck. Picking the tank with the crane.  
      Setting the tank on the structure.
The tank is set. The spout and spider. Moving the spout to the crane.
Setting the spout.   Waiting for the bin. The bin.
The bridge. Rigging it. Lifting it. Setting the bridge.
Installed bin fans. Taking grain.